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Billy Bush Sits Down with Alec Baldwin for Candid Exclusive Ahead of Comedy Central Roast

Billy Bush Sits Down with Alec Baldwin for Candid Exclusive Ahead of Comedy Central Roast

Only “Extra’s” Billy Bush was with Alec Baldwin ahead of his Comedy Central roast.

Alec and Billy had a candid conversation about Billy’s return to TV, Alec’s roast, and the actor's plans to expand his family.

Happy to see Billy, Baldwin asked, smiling, “Where have you been?” Billy replied, “I've talked about it. Everybody's talked about it. You haven't talked about it. What happened to me?”

Alec offered, “Everybody slips on the ice, so to speak, whether it's your fault or not… That's not who you are. It's really important to try to remember that.” He added, “I just think it's onward and upward… You got a whole life ahead of you. You have work to do. You're good at what you do.”

Baldwin is doing some good with his Comedy Central roast. The televised event is in support of Tony Bennett’s charity, Exploring the Arts, which supports underserved teens in public high schools in New York City and Los Angeles. “We’re going to give a million bucks,” Alec said.

Baldwin told Billy he is ready for the jokes! Billy interjected, “Aren't you sensitive? I feel like underneath it all…” but Alec explained, “I’m very sensitive, aren't you?” Billy replied, “Very.” Alec then asked, “Aren't you very hurt?,” to which Billy replied, “Thicker skin now, but yes.”


Alec opened up about what annoys him, saying, “I always get upset when people tell me that I punch photographers. I never punched a photographer in my life! Never punched a photographer, but I always say... 'All my altercations with people like that, not one of them was unprovoked. If a guy has got a lens, if he's got a camera, and he's across the street… I don't run across the street and go, ‘Hey, you,' you know – I don't bother them. It's when the guy almost chips my wife's teeth with the lens because he's [so] close, and he's going, ‘Excuse me, do you have a comment?'"

Alec and his wife Hilaria, married for seven years, are the parents of Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 2, and Romeo, 15 months. Does he see more children in their future? “We have every reason to believe we would do that again… The timing, when and how, I mean, I don't have the baby, obviously, so whenever she feels like she's in that zone and wants to go through that again. It's tough on her.”

“The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin” premieres Sunday, September 15.