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Scary 911 Call from Kevin Hart’s Accident, Plus: How He’s Doing Now

Scary 911 Call from Kevin Hart’s Accident, Plus: How He’s Doing Now

There are new details surrounding Kevin Hart’s scary car crash on Mulholland Drive in the Malibu Hills on Sunday.

“Extra” has obtained two 911 calls. One reveals Kevin needed medical attention after he got home, and the other call was made from the scene.

In the call placed from Kevin’s home, a woman tells the operator, “He’s not coherent at all… he can’t move,” adding that his back was injured.

The other call was made by a driver who pulled over around 1 a.m. to help after discovering Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda had veered off the road.

The frightened passerby tells the dispatcher the “roof is crushed” and the “car is pretty totaled.”

At the time, Kevin had already managed to get out of the vehicle with help from his security, while driver Jared Black and passenger Rebecca Broxterman were still trapped inside.

The caller assures the victims, “Help is coming, guys! Don't worry... the ambulance is on the way!”

TMZ reports Hart suffered serious back injuries in the crash and had to undergo surgery on Sunday night. Sources say he will be released by the end of the week, but will require physical therapy and follow-up doctor appointments as he recovers.

His wife Eniko broke her silence over the weekend, telling the site that Kevin is “great,” adding, “He’s going to be just fine. He’s good. Everybody’s good, thank God. … He’s fine. He’s awake.” When asked if he is back to laughing and joking, she said, “Nah.”

The Barracuda was reportedly Kevin’s 40th birthday present to himself in July.