John Travolta Talks ‘Fanatic’ and His Own Wild Experiences with Obsessed Fans

John Travolta is back on the big screen, playing an obsessed fan in the thriller “The Fanatic.”

Travolta stopped by our new “Extra” set to tell Renee Bargh all about it.

John plays Moose, a man determined to meet his favorite star, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa).

The actor explained, “He does cross the line, but only because, let’s say, he’s been bullied his whole life and mistreated. He can’t even imagine that his favorite movie star would mistreat him or bully him… so he gets confused… He does not know what to do. He wants his love to have a reflection back from this movie star.”

John continued, “This movie star is a good man but not a good celebrity… So you have two wrongs don’t make a right, but [it] allows it to be a fascinating thriller, and some horror.”

Why did he take the role? “The character was the appeal, because I believe each and every one of us has a little bit of this character [Moose] in us.”

The star revealed a few of his fans have gone too far in the past, saying, “A couple that crossed the line, the good news is they were not ill-intended.”

Regardless, he said, it was still scary: “You are surprised if you find someone in your closet.” Renee asked how someone reacts in that situation, and John shared, “Classically, you scream, they scream… ”

The actor even described a time a stranger entered his home, saying, “Then there was someone who walked into the living room while we were having our Sunday afternoon and you’re like, ‘Who is this?’”

He also opened up about “Grease” co-star and longtime friend Olivia Newton-John. “She’s got a huge soul,” he said, adding, “She is an eternal love for me and will always be… and I picked her. I take the pride of having picked Olivia Newton-John for ‘Grease.’”

Travolta is getting ready for Monday’s MTV VMAs, where he will be a presenter. When Renee asked what he’s listening to these days, John said he’s a fan of Pitbull’s “3 to Tango,” a video he happens to star in.

Pitbull had a lot to do with John’s decision to shave his head. He said, “I am glad that Pitbull inspired it.” John gushed over his friend, saying, “He’s an amazing person,” and adding that they might even perform together someday: “At the right time and the right situation, I would do that for him.”

“The Fanatic” opens August 30, 2019.