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Katharine McPhee Dishes on Her London Wedding to David Foster

Katharine McPhee Dishes on Her London Wedding to David Foster
Gilbert Flores

Singer turned actress Katharine McPhee is officially Katharine Foster after marrying music mogul David Foster this summer!

Over the weekend, the new Mrs. Foster stepped out to support other young artists at the Vocal Star seminar, telling “Extra” about her recent nuptials in London. She doesn’t have just one favorite memory, explaining, “I can’t pick out a specific thing, there were so many wonderful memories. Just like being with friends and family in a very small setting was really special.”

Katharine has changed her Instagram handle to include her new last name. She pointed out that not everyone can get their verified account changed, saying, “I got some Instagram pulls there. David’s daughter Erin, who's friends with somebody who works at Instagram was like, ‘Do you want to change it?’ and I was like, 'Yeah, if you can change it,' and it just got changed.”

She elaborated, “I don’t get overly fussy, like, ‘Oh, no, people won’t be able to find me, I won’t get more followers.’ It’s like, Instagram is like a tool to communicate with your fans, but it’s also a personal thing for me, so if I want to change my last name, I’m not going to worry if people will find me or not because I was Katharine McPhee — it’s meant to be a fun tool to communicate with people.”

Katharine said she is enjoying being a newlywed, adding, “We’re coming to the end of summer. We’ve been traveling like crazy — I was in London for five months doing a show there — and I’ve never really taken a summer to not feel like I’m pushing to get the next job. I think I am just taking a breather to just think about… there are projects I’m working on that are behind the scenes, but there’s always that thing that it’s not worth talking about unless it’s a real, real thing.”

Before she tied the knot with David, the 35-year-old starred in the London production of “The Waitress.”

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