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Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Open Up on 'BH90210,' and Missing Luke Perry

Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Open Up on 'BH90210,' and Missing Luke Perry
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What better way to celebrate the premiere of the reboot of “Beverly Hills, 90210” — "BH90210" — than by recreating the iconic Peach Pit? “Extra” was with stars Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling Saturday at the event.

Tori was not only a star of the original series, her late, legendary dad Aaron Spelling was the show's producer — so what would he think of the reboot?

"I think he would be really proud," she said, while admitting he never thought of revisiting the series. "He’d be really happy that we did something groundbreaking. He always did things that were groundbreaking, and we wanted to take a fresh idea and not just do a straight reboot — and we’ve succeeded with that and he would love that the family was all back together."

Tori and Jennie created the idea for the new series, in which they play "heightened, fictionalized characters of ourselves," saying it took about two years.

"It just took us a minute to embrace it and fully conceptualize it," Jennie said, "and then it took even longer to explain that concept to people, because it’s a tricky one to wrap your mind around, especially on paper. Thank God it translates onto film, right?"

Tori called the long process "a journey," and said she hopes fans will wonder "which storylines are real, which aren’t, which character traits are really them."

Jennie said, "We have these great actors who play these great roles, and everybody knows them from the roles they’ve played, but people also love and appreciate them as the actors that played those roles." She continued, "We’ve had so many amazing things happen to us over the course of the years apart, so to come back together again, things go right back to when they stopped when we left, and then there is all-new territory."

Both women talked about missing their co-star Luke Perry, who died suddenly earlier this year of a massive stroke.

Jennie said, "It’s different in every way, and he’s with us all the time and we all feel that and know that in our hearts."

Tori added, “And it happened at such a time when we were going into production and we didn’t know how to handle it, so we’re really proud of the way we respectfully handled the situation. But we miss him every day."

"BH90210" debuts August 7 on FOX.