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New Book on the Mueller Witness Who Did Not Flip

New Book on the Mueller Witness Who Did Not Flip
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Gates with Trump in 2016

A new book by Israeli-American filmmaker and journalist Daphne Barak is telling the story of one of Robert Mueller’s key witnesses, Rick Gates, one of the few who did not "flip" on the President.

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Center Street
Daphne Barak tells the story of Rick Gates.

“To Plea or Not to Plea: The Story of Rick Gates and the Mueller Investigation” (Center Street, $28) details how Gates told the Mueller team that there was no Russian collusion by Donald Trump or his campaign, in spite of pleading guilty himself to two charges in 2018 — conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

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Author Barak

Though he did plead guilty, President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager now says it was to protect his family, which Barak explores in her account.

"To Plea or Not to Plea" is out October 29.