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Dwayne Johnson on Why 'Hobbs & Shaw' Made His Mom Cry Tears of Joy

Dwayne Johnson on Why 'Hobbs & Shaw' Made His Mom Cry Tears of Joy
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined "Extra's" Terri Seymour to talk about how his latest blockbuster, "Hobbs & Shaw," is going back to his roots!

Johnson said one of the best parts about making the movie was his mom's reaction. "She is incredibly proud of the movie," he said.

Johnson pointed out that the film showcases his family's Samoan heritage. "It's the very first time in the history of Hollywood that the Samoan culture has ever been showcased on this scale, so it’s a big deal," he said.

His mom was even on set the day they performed the Siva Tau, the Samoan version of the New Zealand Haka. "Within the scene, she never heard me speak in Samoan to this degree. She hears me speaking in Samoan, calling on our ancestors to give us strength... I look over and she is crying so hard. When the scene was over, a really beautiful moment — all the boys, the guys that play my brothers in the movie, go over and gave her a hug."

He called it, "A memory forever."

Johnson took time, while he is in Hawaii promoting "Hobbs & Shaw," to protest at Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest mountain. The mountain is considered a sacred site, but is also the site of a proposed new massive telescope. “I am all for the progress and advancement of technology... but never at the expense of human beings whose hearts are hurting." Saying native Hawaiians consider the mountain their church, he explained, "To build on that is an incredible disservice to the culture and land."

As for the film, he said, "The goal was to make a movie that if you were a 'Fast & Furious' fan, you were going to love 'Hobbs & Shaw,' and if you haven’t seen 'The Fast & the Furious,' you were still going to love 'Hobbs & Shaw.'"

Idris Elba joined him and Jason Statham on the film, playing the villain. He said that in spite of Elba's character's sinister qualities, "You understood where he was coming from, you felt for him... He’s a great actor — I love working with him."

Smiling, Johnson allowed that Elba might be "the second Sexiest Man Alive," joking about the honor People magazine bestowed on Elba in 2018 and Johnson two years prior. Johnson spilled that Elba brought his cover on the set, laughing and saying, "I told him my Sexiest Man Alive is in perpetuity — it goes on forever.”

Teasing the movie by saying it is filled with surprise cameos, Johnson said, "The surprises were my way of letting the fans know that you are looking at the future team."

"Hobbs & Shaw" roars into theaters August 2.