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Emilio & Gloria Estefan Dish on J.Lo’s 50th Birthday Bash

Emilio & Gloria Estefan Dish on J.Lo’s 50th Birthday Bash
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It’s been a big couple of nights for Emilio and Gloria Estefan!

The jet-setting duo touched down in NYC for the Broadway opening of “Moulin Rouge” just hours after hosting Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday bash at their home in Miami.

Gloria told “Extra” they had a “blast” and partied until about 2 a.m.! Emilio added, “It was a great time. She was so happy, so many friends, we were so proud.” Gloria pointed out, “She looks hot! Her family was there, her daughter was there — she sang for her. It was really beautiful. It was special.”

Emilio explained, “I worked with her... on the first album. It’s like family. I am so proud of her.” Gloria added, “I think that’s why she was so happy. She had memories of staying in that house years and years ago.” Gloria said the most special moment was Jennifer’s daughter Emme singing. “Growing up with your mom doing what you do, it’s daunting, and she can sing!”

While Lopez is finishing her It’s My Party tour in Miami, the Estefans’ show “Get on Your Feet” is also on tour. Gloria said, “It’s in London now. People all over the world want to put the show on. Hopefully, Latin America will be right there.”

They were also happy to support the opening of “Moulin Rouge.” Gloria said, “The buzz on it is amazing!”