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Eva Longoria on Shooting 'Dora' Movie as a Mom: 'I Just Had New Eyes on the World'

Eva Longoria on Shooting 'Dora' Movie as a Mom: 'I Just Had New Eyes on the World'
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Eva Longoria is Dora the Explorer's mom in the new live-action film "Dora and the Lost City of Gold," and Eugenio Derbez plays the villain Alejandro Gutierrez — and both were with "Extra's" special correspondent in Miami this weekend!

Eva worked on the movie right after she gave birth to baby Santi, who turned 1 in June. It was her first time playing a mom while being a mom in real life, which she called "crazy."

"It changed all my instincts," she said. "My moral compass was totally bonkers. I just had new eyes on the world. I remember there was a scene where Michael (Peña, who plays Dora's dad) and I were standing there and Dora runs back into the crumbling temple, and Michael and I were like, 'No, no, no! We would never let our child run into the crumbling temple — that’s dangerous!' It was against every instinct in my body to not keep my child safe and let her run around the jungle, but it’s Dora."

Eva brought her newborn to Australia while she shot the film, but he didn’t go with her into the jungle. "He was in my trailer," she said. "I was still breastfeeding, so he had to be close to me at all times. When I am directing and producing, he is always with me on set."

Eugenio's family joined him as well, including his daughter Aitana, who is 4 and went to school while they were there. "Aitana knows how to sing the Australian anthem," he said proudly, before laughing and saying, "She doesn’t know the Mexican or the U.S., but the Australian, for sure."

Eva commented on how important this movie is, given the current political climate. "The thing I love most about America and the United States is it’s a country of immigrants. It’s something to be celebrated, not condemned, so for me, to see a movie like this that has such a great representation of our culture and who we are and our contributions... the contributions of Latinos... it just makes me want to celebrate and applaud something like this even more because we have to make a movie like this louder than the noise that’s being created."

"Dora and the Lost City of Gold" is in theaters August 9.