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Ramona Singer Shows Off Southampton Home, and Talks ‘RHONY’ Reunion: ‘My Mouth Gets Me in Trouble’

Ramona Singer Shows Off Southampton Home, and Talks ‘RHONY’ Reunion: ‘My Mouth Gets Me in Trouble’

It’s just days away from another “The Real Housewives of New York” reunion, and “Extra” hung out with Ramona Singer at her Southampton home to talk about the show, learn her beauty secrets, and tour her newly renovated home.

Ramona told us she’s happy with the way the season played out, saying, “No real angry fights, no strong animosity.”

She even shared moments on camera with her ex-husband Mario, explaining, “It’s really important for divorced couples that they get along for the sake of the children, because you have to forgive. You can’t forget perhaps, but you can definitely forgive. I always, from the moment things happened, really wanted and hoped we could come together again, it’s good for the family.”

Ramona also dished on co-star Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show and the fallout among the cast after Luann’s newfound stardom. “People adore her,” she said. “They adore all of us.” She went on, “So she gets that three times a month… how can it not go to your head?”

Singer said the issue is addressed at the reunion, adding, “I think I’m the only one that didn’t rag on her. I’m the one who tried to say, ‘Please, try to understand the other ladies’ point… they’re not jealous of you, they feel you’re just a little narcissistic.’” Ramona said smiling, “Ya know what? My mouth gets me into trouble. I admit it.”

When talking beauty secrets, Singer confirmed she hasn’t gone under the knife. “I have yet to do plastic surgery,” adding, “My face hasn’t been touched yet, okay?”

Ramona said there is no secret. “I look good because I work out regularly, I eat well, I get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, exercise is really good… and, of course, skin care.”

“It takes work to look this good,” reality star said. “You think this happens overnight? Absolutely not. You think I want to be cut by a surgeon? Absolutely not.”

Singer also took our cameras inside her gorgeous Southampton home. Take the video tour below!