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Kim Basinger Protests Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

Kim Basinger Protests Dog Meat Trade in South Korea

Actress and animal activist Kim Basinger is doing her part to end the dog meat trade in South Korea.

Basinger took part in a peaceful protest and press conference in Seoul, along with Last Chance for Animals and South Korean Parliament member Pyo Chang-won to raise awareness of the Amended Animal Protection Act, aimed at ending the brutal killing of dogs for meat.

During the protest, Kim told the crowd, “One day in the very, very near future, I would like to be coming back to South Korea to celebrate no more dog meat trade. Until that day, I would love for anyone out there to hear this who is a celebrity in the area to come and get involved in this movement. You as South Koreans are very, very beautiful and powerful people. You have a huge opportunity here.”

The Amended Animal Protection Act was proposed in June 2018, but has been stalled for more than a year.