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Is Olivia Culpo Dating NFL Star Christian McCaffrey?

Is Olivia Culpo Dating NFL Star Christian McCaffrey?

It looks like model Olivia Culpo is dating another football player!

Rumors are swirling about Culpo, 27, and Carolina Panthers star Christian McCaffrey, 23, who were spotted in Mexico.

While Culpo didn’t post about McCaffrey on social media, her friend Kristen Louelle shared a video that featured both Culpo and McCaffrey.

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Officially on vacation mode 😁

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In the video, Culpo is seated for a meal on the beach while McCaffrey and Kristen’s husband Tyler Gaffney took the stage for an activity in Cabos.

A source told E! News, “Olivia and Christian planned a getaway to Cabo for a few days with their two friends Kristen and Tyler, who actually were the ones that set them up. They had met before in previous social settings, but reconnected recently.”

“They have been texting nonstop since the beginning of last month, and this is the first vacation they have spent together. They have really hit it off and are into each other," the insider went on. "They have been spending time at the resort's hotel and private beach, and adventured to Mango Deck where they spent the day drinking and dancing together."

Despite their getaway, Christian and Olivia aren’t getting serious yet. The source emphasized, “Christian and Olivia are having a lot of fun together, but their relationship isn't serious yet. They only connected less than a month ago, but definitely are having fun. Olivia has a lot of upcoming work projects and has expressed to friends that she isn't looking for anything serious at the moment."

Olivia and Christian have been linked since May after they started liking each other’s photos. According to NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, the two started following each other the month before.

Culpo was last linked to famed DJ Zedd after they were photographed cozying up to each other at Coachella. Sources told TMZ that Olivia and Zedd were together for a whole set, even swaying to the music.

After rumors started swirling about Olivia and Zedd, her ex Danny Amendola ranted about her on Instagram in a now-deleted post. He said, “Olivia and I had some amazing times together.. jus like any other loving relationship we fought. A lot of the time it was my fault bc let's be honest I can be an idiot. But! Yup! She's f**ked up too!”

He added, “Reading all these wild stories about her and I, and seeing Olivia with other men, I just wanted to personally clear the air out here. We've been on and off for a long time and not together as of late! Not sure what's in the future but the only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS. And if that's dancing with scrony little f****, so be it. I'm happy too.”

Danny would eventually apologize for his post, blaming it on “miscommunication.”

It has been reported that Amendola has moved on from the relationship, “talking to and texting” other women. A source told Us Weekly, “He tells people that Olivia wanted to get married and he basically self-sabotaged their relationship because he didn’t want that. There were a few times where they broke up and got back together, but they just don’t work well together.”

Amendola was recently spotted with social media influencer Emily Tanner in Miami.