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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Photo Update of Beth Chapman’s Condition

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Photo Update of Beth Chapman’s Condition

Beth Chapman, the wife and co-star of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, remains in a medically induced coma as she battles cancer.

Dog is staying by her side, and even posted a pic of her from her hospital bed. On Monday, he tweeted a pic of her hands, showing off her manicure, writing, “You all know how she is about HER NAILS !!”

The pic also shows Beth, 51, hooked up to an IV.

Earlier in the day, Beth’s stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman commented on their less-than-perfect relationship when a Twitter follower asked if she had any regrets. She replied, “I’ve been with her since she was back in Hawaii. Our family isn’t perfect but we’re family.”

Over the weekend, Beth’s daughter Bonnie posted a pic of herself and her brother Garry in an airplane as they landed in Hawaii. Once she got to the hospital, she wrote on her Instagram Story, "There's not much of an update I can give, I can say she's getting good care. I know you guys wanted more but yknow its a coma."

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On Monday, Beth’s lawyer Chapman’s lawyer Andrew Brettler noted that her family members “have been with her at the hospital.”

He also told USA Today that she remains in “very serious” condition.

According to family spokeswoman Mona Wood-Sword, Beth was put into a medically induced coma so she doesn’t feel pain during her cancer treatment. Mona added, “Duane and the family feel she’s such a fighter, she could get better. The family still has hope.”

TMZ reports that the family is preparing for the worst, with sources saying that she is not expected to recover.

The insiders added that there is not much that can be done at this point, and her family is making medical decisions with the help of her doctors.

On Saturday, Dog "humbly" requested that everyone "please pray for Beth," thanking "everyone for their prayers throughout Beth's battle with cancer,” in a statement to Hawaii News Now. Beth was first diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer in September 2017, but thought she had beat it. In November of the following year, doctors discovered the cancer had returned and had spread to her lungs.

In January, the couple announced their new reality series "Dog's Most Wanted," but by April, she was rushed to a hospital with respiratory issues, and wound up having "almost four liters of fluid from her lungs."

Dog and Beth have been married since 2006.