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Selena Gomez at Premiere of 'The Dead Don't Die': New Music Coming!

Selena Gomez at Premiere of 'The Dead Don't Die': New Music Coming!
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Selena at Cannes

Selena Gomez looked amazing as she stepped out to support her new film, "The Dead Don't Die," in New York City Monday night!

The star, wearing an LBD with feathers and fabulous shoes, told "Extra," "I’m wearing Celine, so I feel really pretty. I just wanted to go with something fun."

Breaking news, she said she doesn’t just have a new movie, but is also releasing new music! "I can say that it's done... I just have to do my own little things with it," she said. "I’m excited! I’m more relieved."

Selena said she had a great time working on "The Dead Don't Die" with a star-studded cast that includes Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton. "I think it was the most fun for me, to be honest," she admitted. "It was such a blast! Everyone that worked on this movie was such a respected actor — and director as well. It was so nice to see everyone let loose... Bill Murray would sing slow jams in the makeup trailer. You couldn't ask for a better situation."

Bill emphasized to "Extra" how kind Gomez is, and she told us, "It's not a lot of hard work [to be kind]. Why would anyone want to be in a place and feel bad?... I want to go to work and make sure everyone's happy."

Selena said she was so happy being in Cannes for the first time with the movie, too, telling us, "It was great! I had so much fun. It was like a dream." She described the scene of the internationally famous film festival as looking "like a fairy tale, honestly. You got to feel fancy for a night."

"The Dead Don't Die" is in theaters Friday, June 14.