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Mandy Moore Talks Working with Her Husband, and Mount Everest Climb

Mandy Moore Talks Working with Her Husband, and Mount Everest Climb

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray caught up with Mandy Moore, who was set to perform with hubby Taylor Goldsmith at an event to promote her series “This Is Us.”

The actress, who looked gorgeous in Michael Kors, said, “Oh, man, you’re making me nervous.” Tanika told her that Taylor had been gushing over her earlier and saying she was going to crush it. Mandy explained, “I’m not nervous, I’m excited. It comes from the same place… I am glad the adrenaline is fueling me.”

Mandy was so ready to work with her husband and “This Is Us” composer Siddhartha Khosla. “I’m immediately on board with anything that Taylor does and Sid does,” she said.

She went on to say, "I’m in awe of both of them, and so glad they could collaborate on this particular thing.”

Moore and Goldsmith are working on new music together right now. “It’s the best,” she said, adding, “I looked over from the booth yesterday, he has his eyes closed playing the guitar. I’m like, 'This is f--king cool. We have written these songs together. He’s playing them, he’s singing with me.'” She called it “every dream I ever really had.”

The actress is fresh off her vacation to Mount Everest. She documented her climb to the Base Camp during a time when there have been many deaths. “I’ve always wanted to go there and it just sort of lined up, scheduling-wise, because this is the time of year to go tracking and climbing."

Opening up about the dangers, she said, “Whenever you are in the mountains, and you are in the midst of this majestic part of the Earth, you understand that you are surrounded by 8,000-meter peaks... There are all of these mountains about you, you have a respect and reverence for the mountains and the dangers that they present.”

She knew going to base camp did not put her in harm's way, saying, “Not in the same way as climbing the mountain.” Talking about a Buddhist monument, she said, “It was my most favorite part of this trek... You just stop... It really grounds you in the moment. I cried. There is something undeniable, cathartic, and emotional being there.”