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Octavia Spencer Credits Mark Wahlberg for Helping Her Get Fit!

Octavia Spencer Credits Mark Wahlberg for Helping Her Get Fit!

Actress Octavia Spencer is looking slimmed-down, and she credits friend Mark Wahlberg for helping her get fit.

"Extra" caught up with the star at the press day for her new movie "Ma," where she revealed, “I’m not as fit as I need to me… and having a friendship with Mark Wahlberg definitely helps. He sent me these amazing supplements that I take religiously, and I try to get 30 minutes of cardio in every day… I gotta get better, guys — I'm not there!”

Spencer, who worked with Wahlberg on “Instant Family,” has joined Mark for his 4 a.m. workouts in the past. She confirmed, “I've done those early-morning workouts with him.”

Meanwhile, she is adding "villain" to her résumé with "Ma."

She said, laughing, “Black people always die within the first 15 minutes of a horror movie, and not only do I not die, I get to kill everybody, so it was like, ‘Ha-ha, how can I turn this down?!’”

Spencer plays a lonely woman named Sue Ann who befriends a group of teens and lets them party at her house... before killing them off.

Octavia explained, “Sue Ann has a story, and it wasn't a very pretty story, and because of that she's stuck in her adolescence… She has to take from each character the thing that they value most.”

This is a different type of character for the beloved Oscar winner, who said, “I wanted to do something very different. You only live once, so it's all about taking risks.”

“Ma” is in theaters now.