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Theresa Caputo Dishes on Daughter’s Wedding, Plus: How Are Things with Ex-Husband Larry?

Theresa Caputo Dishes on Daughter’s Wedding, Plus: How Are Things with Ex-Husband Larry?

“Extra” Special Correspondent and O Creative Director Adam Glassman sat down with “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo to talk about her daughter Victoria’s upcoming wedding, ex-husband Larry, dating apps, reading with Kim Kardashian, and touring.

Victoria Caputo and boyfriend Michael Mastrandrea just got engaged in February, and Theresa confirmed, “The wedding planning has begun… Victoria just knows what she wants and it always works out. Nothing crazy, very laid back…. I have taken such a back seat. I said whatever she wants, within reason… and she is sticking to it.”

How are things with Larry after finalizing their divorce in December? “Fantastic,” she said. “We are great, we are planning. Our little girl is getting married.”

As for dating, Theresa said she’s not sure about using dating apps. “How do you find someone on an app? I know that is the way it is today… I’m just enjoying my family and friends, so I’m just enjoying going out with all them and having a good time.”

Caputo also opened up about her recent reading with Kim K, saying, “It really was an honor to be able to share my gift with Kim Kardashian, and have no cameras, and just have it be so authentic with just her and I. It meant a lot for me to be able to do that for her… this is something so sacred and so special.”

For celebrity readings, she said she would love to sit down with Blake Shelton, Pharrell and Keith Urban. Theresa said reading celebrities is “actually harder,” because usually spirit shares information that nobody else would know, and stars feel like “their whole life is public.” She added, “Once we get started, it is like anyone else.”

Theresa will be doing plenty of readings on the road when she launches her tour June 4. Click here for info, and watch the video above to learn more!