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Julia Roberts Is Getting Ready for Mother’s Day — Can Her Kids Top Last Year’s Surprise?

Julia Roberts Is Getting Ready for Mother’s Day — Can Her Kids Top Last Year’s Surprise?

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Julia Roberts and her “Homecoming” executive producer and director Sam Esmail as they celebrated the Amazon show ahead of Emmy nominations.

Julia opened up about the series, what is in store next season, and the big Mother’s Day surprise her kids pulled off last year!

This marks Julia’s first time starring on a TV show. She shared, “I don't think there's ever been such a true team effort as was the making of this show.” So what would an Emmy nomination mean to her and Sam? She joked, “Sam is in this just for the awards. So it's pretty important that this works out.”

The series meant Julia could spend more time with her family. Renee pointed out that Julia had talked in the past about being a soccer mom, adding, “I don’t see a soccer mom!”

Julia said smiling, “You should've seen me yesterday,” insisting she’s just like the other moms. “We all look the same on the sidelines.”

Roberts will be behind the camera for Season 2 of “Homecoming” as an executive producer, “Yes. I'll still be meddling.” She teased what is ahead, saying, “It's just about having this fresh new idea. To come in and present the way we were presenting a new story last season and to kind of present a new story this season.”

Julia is getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with her three kids. Sam commented that the gift her kids made last year will be hard to top, and Julia agreed, saying, "It was pretty great. They made me a music video.” Sam joked, “I was about to quit directing after that.” Her husband Danny Moder made it happen, “Danny helped out. Having a cinematographer father goes a long way when you're making a Mother's Day present.”