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Rosario Dawson Says Cory Booker Makes This Romantic Gesture Any Time They’re Apart

Rosario Dawson Says Cory Booker Makes This Romantic Gesture Any Time They’re Apart

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson’s relationship has the makings of a true Hollywood love story —the senator who could be president and the movie star who could be first lady.

“Extra” caught up with Rosario, who reportedly started dating Cory back in December.

Rosario revealed, “I call him Cab, but Cory sends me a song every day we’re not together, and it’s just stuff like that where I’m sort of like, ‘He is so romantic and beautiful.’”

She continued, “I’m just amazed and excited and blown away by my relationship with this wonderful man and his relationship with me and my family. We're starting that whole thing of putting it out into the greater world. Sometimes it makes me sweat a little bit… right now, I’m just so grateful for my family and grateful for the love of my life.”

She said Dawson and Booker are focused on the here and now. "Were just both very excited about this moment, definitely excited about the future that is to come, but excited about this moment.”

Cory has gushed over her in past interviews. What is her reaction? “It has meant a lot to me to know he’s running for the highest public office in America and he’s still centering us in our relationship and prioritizing, ya know, creating our foundation.” She added, “It’s the idea that we can show up for anything that we really want to show up for… and it means a lot to me that in the midst of all of that he’s always showing up for us."

So will we get to see her hit the campaign trail with Cory? “I’d imagine so… I’m going to be filming through the fall, but then after that I’m going have more time.” Making their relationship work even when they are working apart, she said, “Were just long distance, so we don’t get to see each other very often, so we haven’t done too much stuff outside publicly yet, but I imagine we'll start getting bored with each other just being us and wanting to come out and hang out with all of you.”

She is excited to see what he will do during his campaign. "It’s been beautiful to look at this country and look at the possibilities of it through his eyes, and I’m just excited for people to hear what that vision is and excited for him to debate it up there civilly and gracefully and beautifully as he has chosen his campaign to be, and it’s going to be a really powerful time and so I’m excited about it.”