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JLaw & Adele Crashed a Gay Bar in NYC and Things Got Crazy!

JLaw & Adele Crashed a Gay Bar in NYC and Things Got Crazy!
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Jennifer Lawrence and Adele strolled into the popular NYC gay bar Pieces around 11 p.m. Friday night, shocking patrons there for drag queen hostess Brita Filter's regular show.

The ladies were not there to observe — they came to party!

Video from the evening shows the women being called to the stage, along with members of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, to participate in a dancing-and-drinking game. The crowd went wild when the Grammy winner was asked her name and she said simply, "Hi, my name is Adele." She went on to confirm she is married and, in response to a question about what she does for a living, said, "I'm actually, at the moment, a stay-at-home mom."

Things got even more festive when Adele was asking if she was ready to mingle and have a good time, to which she replied, "F***ing obviously!"

During the course of their hour in the bar, according to New Now Next, Adele teased Jennifer about her engagement to Cooke Maroney (to which Lawrence yelled playfully, "Has nothing to do with my drinking abilities!") and JLaw later tackled Adele in footage that includes Brita telling her she didn't have to do that because, "This isn't 'The Hunger Games'!"

Reaction across social media was uniformly positive, with patrons raving about how approachable the gay allies were.