‘Bachelor’ Twist! Colton Makes a Big Decision

‘Bachelor’ Twist! Colton Makes a Big Decision

It was a big night for Colton Underwood on “The Bachelor”!

He was left heartbroken by Cassie on last week’s episode, and was so upset he even jumped a fence!

The show was filming in Portugal at the time, and the crew nearly calls the cops to help look for him.

When they finally catch up with him, he tells Chris Harrison, “I’m done with this s—… Every time I put myself out there I get f—— rejected.”

After getting some rest, Colton tells Chris he was “falling in love” with the other girls, Tayshia and Hannah, but “fell in love with Cassie.”

He added, “Cassie shut my heart off.”

Despite Cassie breaking things off, he says, “I feel like I have a pretty good gut instinct and I feel like I can read people pretty well. I think she loves me. I think she’s scared to admit that.”

Underwood has a big decision to make and ultimately breaks up with Tayshia and Hannah.

His conversation with Tayshia is emotional, but ultimately she tells him, “It’s okay,” and “You’re a good guy.”

Hannah doesn’t take the news nearly as well. Colton confesses he’s in love with Cassie. Hurt and confused, Hannah tells him, “I just want to get out of here because I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know why I let myself open up and I don’t know why I let myself think of the chance of it actually being us.”

Afterward, Colton breaks down, “I’m saying goodbye to somebody who loves me. I don’t know if I’m giving up a sure thing for something that’s impossible. That’s literally how much I love Cassie, that I’m willing to walk away from somebody that great.”

Viewers then see Colton knocking on what could be Cassie’s door.

“I know what I need to do,” he tearfully says. “I don’t know if I’m fighting for something that’s not possible. But I’m willing to do anything and everything because that’s how much I love Cassie.”

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