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Ben Affleck Tried J.Lo's Diet, Plus: The Making of 'Triple Frontier'

Ben Affleck Tried J.Lo's Diet, Plus: The Making of 'Triple Frontier'
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Ben Affleck is just like us!

The A-list actor revealed to “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli that he did the J.Lo diet as Jerry chatted with Ben and Oscar Isaac about their Netflix movie "Triple Frontier."

Ben looks great and said he feels the same, saying he has done the no-sugar, no-carb diet like Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod. "No sugar, no bread," Ben said. "It was harder than you think it would be for just 10 days." Still, he admitted, "It was fun. It was good."

On the eleventh day, he had bread! “I binged on a bagel like a lunatic," he confirmed.

Oscar Isaac said he does his own regimen, including trying the intermittent-fasting fad. He reported, “There’s zero results so far.”


Ben and Isaac bonded over fatherhood while making their star-studded action movie. Oscar said of parenting, “It was so new, I think the big one was traveling and how do you maintain a family — that’s the big puzzle for me.”

Garrett Hedlund, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam & Affleck in a scene from "Triple Frontier"

The highly-anticipated "Triple Frontier" is about former operatives reuniting to plan a heist in a sparsely populated, multi-bordered zone of South America. Affleck said he could relate to his character, noting, “The degree to which people in the special forces sacrifice such an enormous amount... develop this extraordinary competence, and there is a shelf life to that career and then it’s over and there is a question: 'Who am I aside from mercenary work, professional soldiering?'" He called that dilemma "not something that is the most easily marketable thing in the private sector. The people we talked to talked about hardships — to me, it was humbling.”

Oscar said, “This heist they pulled off, I think in normal circumstances they would never consider, but because of the point of their lives they're in, that’s why they decided to do this off-the-radar mission.”

Ben joked of beating out other actors for the part, "I think they had some lesser actors, Matt Damon being one of them. They were slumming."

"Triple Frontier" hits select theaters on March 6 and streams on Netflix on March 13.