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How Michael Bublé Balances His Family Life and World Tour, Plus: What Offends Him

How Michael Bublé Balances His Family Life and World Tour, Plus: What Offends Him

Crooner Michael Bublé is back on the road in support of his latest album, “Love”!

Only “Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli was backstage with Bublé as he kicked off his tour in Orlando.

Bublé is on a world tour, but he’s making sure not to spend too much time away from home at once. His wife Lusiana is back home in Vancouver with their three children, Noah, Elias, and baby Vida. He explained, “What I do is I break it up into pieces so that I go two or three weeks and then I go two or three weeks home 'cause, you know what? Being a dad is number one.”

He added, “My boys are in school, but very soon they will be here. They will come out, once in a while, a lot of my crew, a lot of the band are new parents so they will have their little ones come out, it’s a nice atmosphere.”

Gushing over his kids, the 43-year-old admitted, “If I am walking on the street and I’ve got my daughter and people don’t stop and say, ‘Awww,’ I get so offended… My wife will tell me and I’m like, 'What’s wrong with these people that they can’t see how perfect our children are?'”

The four-time Grammy winner noted that he doesn’t have any pre-show rituals per se, saying, “I like to just remind people and myself of how lucky we are to do it.”

“I will say, 'Guys, I want you to think about how hard these people worked for the money that they spent to come here and to be surrounded by our music and enjoy and love and just have fun,” Michael emphasized.

Bublé is belting hits from his newest album including “Love You Anymore,” and classics like “When I Fall In Love.” What does love mean to him? He shared, “It’s everything. It’s always been, a big beautiful word that means so much to everyone.”