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Kim Kardashian Talks Beauty and Psoriasis, Reveals Her Biggest Parenting Secret

Kim Kardashian Talks Beauty and Psoriasis, Reveals Her Biggest Parenting Secret

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Kim Kardashian and her personal makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic as he taught a master class with Kim as his muse.

Kim and Mario have worked together for more than a decade, the two even collaborating for her KKW beauty line.

Now, he is sharing secrets with hundreds of fans during "The Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic."

“I never imagined or dreamed — my first class had 16 students in it, and today we had over 1600," Mario said. "It’s something that just kind of happened naturally… I am just so honored. I love teaching. It’s my favorite part of my job.”


Kim recently posted photos of herself on Instagram Stories revealing she was battling psoriasis. She told Renee, “I have psoriasis all over my face, so it is a challenge. We never had that before.”

She explained she was happy to learn ways to cover it up at home during the class, and she is trying celery juice every morning, a tip from “the Medical Medium” Anthony William.

“Yeah, I just started, so I don’t know yet, but I know that my psoriasis is really bad, but people have been saying that when you start it comes out and then it clears up,” she said.


The mother of three is getting ready to welcome baby #4 via surrogate. She shared that her big parenting secret is making sleep a priority. “I do sleep, that's my thing. When I'm putting the kids to bed, half the time I fall asleep with them. I get up an hour later and then go downstairs. I make it my mission to be really focused. I go to bed really early.”

Kardashian continued, “I wake up at 5:45 every day, work out, get the kids ready for school, school drop off, come home, work all day — same routine over again.”

She also has the perfect Valentine’s Day day gift from KKW Fragrance Hearts, revealing she has worn different scents depending on what she is up to. “I was in New York and I was with my sister and we were on the road so I wore 'Baddie’ just feeling that vibe, so now I’m home, so I wear 'Wifey.'”

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