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‘Extra’ Exclusive: John Travolta Reveals Who Inspired His New Look

‘Extra’ Exclusive: John Travolta Reveals Who Inspired His New Look

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with John Travolta as he hosted the Living Legends of Aviation Awards.

During their chat, Travolta opened up about his new look, his family, and recent rumors about his friend Olivia Newton-John.

Of his shaved head, he said, “It's been a lot easier. Life's simpler. The biggest fun has been just the response to it. I felt like Zoolander or something — I came out and my new look became headline news." Joking about the time he called Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem," Travolta said, "The only other time I was a leading story was when I mispronounced at the Oscars.”

Wife Kelly Preston totally approves of his look, John confirms. “Oh, she loves it… She has always loved the idea.” As for who inspired him, he said, “A good friend, Armando Perez, Pitbull — he lives his life like this, he would send pictures of me, I have all my hair, and he’d superimpose no hair and say, 'I prefer this,' so I thought… Maybe it’s time to do it.”

Travolta reached a million followers on Instagram after posting a pic of his shaved head. When Renee mentioned the milestone, he said, “I wanted to acknowledge everyone for liking it. I do only put things on that are very personal to me and that are interesting to me.”

John posted a video with his son Ben to thank his Instagram followers. On how adventurous his son is compared to himself, he said, “Oh, even more so, between his gymnastics with the flips and the jumping with a dirt bike. You gotta let them have that. You can't make them scared of movement.”

As for 18-year-old daughter Ella, he’s confident in her acting abilities, saying, “She’s so good.” They’re even doing a film together, “Prison Rose,” which will be out soon. He said, “Yes, this year. They are putting the music to it right now… You’ll get to see my beautiful daughter act.”

Travolta does not want to discourage her from acting, saying, “I don't think there's a better life than we have as artists. I mean, we have the golden ticket to the world — why would you want to deny someone that?"

The 64-year-old also addressed the rumors surrounding the health of his pal and “Grease” co-star Olivia Newton-John’s health. Olivia recently gave her own health update, saying she was okay amid her cancer battle, after rumors swirled that she didn’t have much longer to live. John told "Extra" he wasn't worried about the reports, explaining, “Olivia would've told me first, though I hate that she has to go through that. The great thing about Instagram and other things is that you can cancel fake news like that.”