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Channing Tatum on the Audience Rules of Magic Mike Live

Channing Tatum on the Audience Rules of Magic Mike Live

“Extra” was on the red carpet tonight at the Hippodrome in Leicester Square in London for the premiere of the new stage show “Magic Mike Live.” The show is based on the “Magic Mike” film franchise, created and directed by actor/producer Channing Tatum.

Special Correspondent Marissa Montgomery asked Channing if there are any rules for watching the show? He replied, “There are rules! Don’t just watch the show through your phone. I see it every single night. Some guy comes up to someone and they are just watching the show through their phone. Have an experience – just don’t get it for your Instagram!”

He added, “The second rule is you need permission. None of the guys will come up and do anything around you or on you or anything without having permission first.”

Will we see Channing himself on stage? He told Marissa, “At some point, yes. When you see the show, you will see what I mean. I’m healthy, I’m in shape, but what these guys are, to stand on the stage with them is completely different. Physically, looking at the them, it’s a different thing. I got a little bit more training to do to get back on stage, but yeah!”

Channing told Marissa he is happy the show is now running in the city, adding, “London is sexy!”