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Keith Urban Reflects on Childhood Home Burning Down as California Wildfires Continue to Rage

Country superstar Keith Urban is ready to rock the CMAs!

“Extra’s” Alecia Davis spoke with Urban as he rehearsed his new single, “Never Coming Down.” Keith shared, “I’m ready to have people in front of it… It’s a fun song to play, it was great to write this song. To me, it was about capturing the spirit of coming to see us live — that’s really what the song is all about.”

He described the song as “celebratory, euphoric,” adding, “Right now, I think we all want to let off some steam and live in the moment.”

Keith commented on what is going on with the California fires, pointing out, “I’m literally helping out one of my friends out there get back on their feet.”

Urban personally knows what so many are going through, revealing, “When I was 10, our house burned down, so I know that feeling of losing your house. We completely lost everything. Luckily, we were all okay…. When you are walking through the house and it’s charred, black as black everywhere you look, water’s dripping and the firefighters have left, I remember thinking, 'I was just in here getting ready for school…' It gives me chills.”

He continued, “What I remember is the community coming together in such an incredible way… You are seeing that out in California right now, and it's amazing.”

Urban is getting ready to take his Graffiti U world tour across the pond. He dished, “We’re going to Europe, we go to places like Amsterdam, places we’ve never been to."