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Jane Fonda’s Advice for Megyn Kelly After NBC Firing

Jane Fonda’s Advice for Megyn Kelly After NBC Firing

Thursday night, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Jane Fonda at the Women In Media Awards, where the Hollywood legend weighed in on Megyn Kelly's departure from NBC.

The Oscar winner had an uncomfortable moment with Kelly on Kelly's now canceled NBC show. Jane commented, “From my own experience, failure — I've had plenty. And it's what I learn from.”

Fonda offered Kelly some advice, saying, “You learn from when you make mistakes if you allow yourself to. It's a great opportunity for her, I think. I hope.”

When asked if NBC made the right decision to cancel Megyn’s show, Fonda answered, “I don't know. I've got other things on my mind, frankly.”

One thing on her mind… the midterm elections! She emphasized, “[Voting is] more important, I think, now than ever.”

The political activist added, “This is the most important election of my lifetime. And it's not even a presidential election.”

Jane is working with other celebrities to persuade Americans to vote. She shared, “I've been in Michigan with Taraji P. Henson. I’m gonna be doing a... get-out-the-vote telethon. Night before the election. And she'll be part of it. And Charlize Theron and Chelsea Handler.”

What’s her motivation? “I don't want to get to the end of my life and feel that I didn't do all I could," Fonda said. "Democracy is not a spectator sport. It's really fragile, and we need everybody to get out and vote.“