Casey Anthony’s Dad Confirms She Has BF, and Says He Still ‘Can’t Trust Her'

Casey Anthony’s Dad Confirms She Has BF, and Says He Still ‘Can’t Trust Her'

Casey Anthony has a new man in her life, seven years after she was acquitted of her daughter’s murder.

Her parents, George and Cindy, sat down with Dr. Oz this week and revealed she’s dating someone.

George explained, “I know she’s moved on through life, I understand that she is seeing someone. They’re very involved, which is great. I’m glad for her.”

A source tells People that Casey has been dating the man, a professional in his early thirties, for about three months. “She’s had trouble finding guys who are interested in her,” the insider said. “But he’s a really special guy who can overlook her past.”

Casey made headlines 10 years ago when her 2-year-old daughter Caylee went missing. Caylee was last seen alive on June 15, 2008, but she wasn’t reported missing — by Casey’s mother — until July 16 of that year. Months later, the skeletal remains of Caylee were found near her home. Casey was acquitted of first-degree murder in 2011.

Dr. Oz asked George and Cindy how they would feel if Anthony had another child. George responded, “Knowing now that she could potentially possibly be a mom again, I hope she does better this time around than what she did last time. I hope whatever life she has left, that she makes something positive happen in her life. If she is granted a chance to have another child, I hope the child is strong, grows up to be a worthwhile part of society, and the person that she has the child with, I hope they are going to love her and the child immensely.”

George, however, has mixed feelings about his daughter, calling them “oil and water.”

“We’re just not connected anymore, and that hurts,” he said. “I wish I could be part of her life, but I would never feel comfortable around her. I can’t trust her. I can’t trust the things she’s going to say out there. I know she’s given some other interviews that she said she was never going to do, and things she’s said and done, it’s just, it’s wrong. She needs to just not be here anymore.”

When Cindy asked him to clarify, he said, “She doesn’t need to exist anymore, as far as I’m concerned.”

He later added, “I just wish she would come forward, she would want to talk to me, just me and her.”