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Alyssa Milano’s Loving Message for Selma Blair

Alyssa Milano’s Loving Message for Selma Blair

On Sunday, “Extra” was with activist actress Alyssa Milano as she spoke at Politicon, where she showed her love for her friend Selma Blair.

Earlier that day, Blair revealed that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Alyssa said her message to Selma is, “Thank you for coming forward and sharing your story. I think the more people talk about our own experiences, it not only gives other people an opportunity to not feel as alone but it also releases some of the stigma surrounding being someone that is sick so thank you so much and I love you.”

Last year, the 45-year-old urged people to share their story of sexual harassment and assault in support of the #MeToo movement. While acknowledging that the movement has come a long way, she said she believes that there is still a long way to go.

Milano has been fighting in the political arena for nearly two decades. She shared, “I’ve been politically active since 2000, which was the year that [Al] Gore sorta had the election stolen from him. And since 2004, I’ve been campaigning for candidates, canvassing, door-knocking, phone banking, and also driving people to the polls, and I’ve also done so in almost every special election that we’ve heard about in the last two years.”

Alyssa also praised Taylor Swift for speaking out about politics, commenting, “I was so happy when Taylor Swift came out and asked her fans to vote. That’s what we need; we need more public figures in that age range to motivate and inspire young people to educate themselves and to be empowered to hopefully make decisions in the polls for candidates that don’t put forth hurtful policies.”

As the nation gets ready for the midterm elections, who does she want to see run against President Trump in 2020? Alyssa answered, “Whoever is going to show up for the knife fight, because I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.”