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Steve Carell Takes On ‘The Office’ Reboot Rumors

Steve Carell Takes On ‘The Office’ Reboot Rumors

Actor Steve Carell is already receiving Oscar buzz for his new role in “Beautiful Boy,” in which he plays Timothée Chalamet’s father in the heartbreaking story of a son’s addiction and a dad’s fight to save him.

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli sat down with Steve, who reunited with his “The Office” co-star Amy Ryan in the movie, begging the question… will there be an “Office” reboot?

After jokingly asking Jerry if he has written anything or wants to produce, Steve said, “No, I don't think there will be a reboot of ‘The Office’…that was lightning in a bottle… that was such a specific time and place and those writers, that cast and directors, that captured something special in those nine years… ya never know, but I don't think so.”

Amy, who plays Steve’s ex-wife in “Beautiful Boy,” commented, “I would love to be in a room with those people again.”

As for working with Timothée, Steve commented while sitting next to his co-star, “It was an interesting set because the subject matter is obviously very deep… and yet we did have fun.”

Timothée noted that he was able to connect with Steve as a father figure, saying, “I met him for the screen test, he was with open arms, literally. I immediately felt well taken in and cared for or what you feel as someone's son.”

“Beautiful Boy” is in theaters Friday.