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Ryan Guzman Is Expecting First Child with GF Chrysti Ane

Actor Ryan Guzman has a baby on the way!

Guzman and girlfriend Chrysti Ane are expecting their first child together. He broke the news on Instagram, writing, “2018 has been a year of unexpected surprises. New jobs, new lives, and new love. Each one getting better than the next. As the year rounds the corner to its end, we both believed it couldn’t get any better. We were wrong! The newest/best surprise has yet to arrive but is on its way. To living our BEST lives! #DaddyAndMommy.”

The 30-year-old seems to be considering Mateo or Genevieve as possible baby names.

The former “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” actress posted the same photo, revealing that she is 5 months pregnant.

In another Instagram, Chrysti revealed that she’s still staying in shape while pregnant. She wrote, “I have still been keeping up at the gym and I have a few abs left at #5Months. I’m not lifting as heavy as I used to so the gains are counting on repetition and consistency to stay with me.”

She admitted, “It’s been a bit difficult for me to watch my body changing, but as soon as I put into perspective that I’m creating a little angel with the love of my life it makes everything so worth it. My goal is to stay in good shape and stay healthy through this entire pregnancy. I’m more than halfway there.”