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Nicole Kidman on Returning to Superhero Movies with 'Aquaman'

Nicole Kidman on Returning to Superhero Movies with 'Aquaman'
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As hard as it is to believe, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman had never been to Comic-Con before this weekend!

"It's always good to have your first," Nicole joked with "Extra." "You always remember your first."

"Extra’s” special correspondent Danielle Robay was with Nicole in San Diego as she promoted her highly anticipated movie "Aquaman," and while she couldn't spill too many details about the superhero epic, she did say of her character, "I do give birth to Aquaman, though."

She apologized for losing her voice during the interview, which she chalked up to filming Season 2 of her hit HBO series "Big Little Lies," "It's pretty intense right now. That's why I'm losing my voice. I'm in the middle of shooting, so I'm losing my voice — so that shows you there's some intense scenes!"

Of shooting her scenes for "Aquaman" in her home country of Australia, Kidman reported, "I mean, it was so good, 'cause I got to have my kids, and my mom was there the whole time." She also pointed out that the film's director, James Wan, is Australian. "The country was just so happy to have the movie there and they were so supportive and obviously we have incredible beaches there, so we were able to use a lot of the beaches and the gorgeous part of Australia that, you know, doesn't get seen all the time."

Her husband Keith Urban, yet another Aussie, was on hand as well, visiting the set often.

Excited to be in her first superhero film since "Batman Forever" (1995), Nicole said her director "asked me and it was just one of those incredibly serendipitous moments where the timing was right and I wanted to... I've always wanted to work with him and I'd done a lot of... I'd done 'Big Little Lies' and things that were a lot heavier in subject matter, so to go into something that was lighter was really important for my spirit."

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