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The Rock on His Latest Baby: 'My Game Is Strong!'

The Rock on His Latest Baby: 'My Game Is Strong!'
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“Extra's" Tanika Ray joined Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on a double-decker bus in Hong Kong to talk about his role in his latest film, “Skyscraper.”

Along for the ride was the highly anticipated film's writer and director, Rawson Marshall Thurber, with both men talking about the movie — and Johnson getting real about family and politics!

Both Johnson and Thurber celebrated family milestones while shooting their thriller, about a former FBI hostage-rescue specialist who is framed for setting the world's tallest — and allegedly safest — building on fire. The Rock found out he was going to be a dad again while they were filming, telling Tanika, "We found out we were having our third baby girl right as we started shooting."

Rawson's wife gave birth during the shoot, leaving him to resort to tuning in via FaceTime. The real-life birth came during a tense scene involving Johnson's character holding up a bridge to save his family. "My wife gave birth during the scene," Rawson pointed out.

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Rawson & wife Sarah

The big question about family: Is Johnson already married to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren? The superstar reportedly slipped and called her his wife recently, but he confirmed to "Extra," "We did not get married yet. No. We just haven't had a chance to. We keep planning it. Then she got pregnant."

Tanika, a mom herself, laughed and noted, "He said it like, 'Well, then she got pregnant.'” The Rock couldn't resist smiling and saying, “She got pregnant... 'cause my game is strong!”

Is his game strong enough for a presidential run? Though he has teased making that move in 2020, The Rock told Tanika in no uncertain terms, "I don't have an announcement, no."

Johnson does have a role like none other in “Skyscraper" — one of his most action-packed films yet. Rawson said of the film, "People who are afraid of heights have had a really intense experience watching the movie, so you should bring a friend if you're scared of heights."

The Rock backed him up on that, saying, “Literally, people have been going in with their Fitbit... heart rates over 100. It's crazy."

The movie is unique in that The Rock’s character actually loses a leg. “The biggest movie star on the planet, he’s incredible, he always saves the day, and I wanted to see him be vulnerable and I wanted to see him struggle," Rawson explained.

The Rock did all of his own stunts for "Skyscraper"... almost. “When it's 200 feet in the air and I have an amazing stunt double who's my cousin and a badass who gets paid a lot of money — nepotism — you're gonna do that stunt 'cause that s--t's dangerous!"

Face danger when “Skyscraper” hits theaters Friday!