Life After ‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington’s New Project ‘Five Points’

Life After ‘Scandal’: Kerry Washington’s New Project ‘Five Points’

Her hit show just ended, but Kerry Washington is as busy as ever!

She has moved on from “Scandal” to work as an executive producer of “Five Points,” a new web series on Facebook Watch.

She told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh, “Obviously, I really miss my ‘Scandal’ family, but it's really inspiring to work with [the ‘Five Points’ cast].”

The show is about five Chicago teens and is touted as “one story told five ways.”

Kerry teased the drama, saying, “We're talking about the realities of teenage life: love and loss, bullying. I mean, all of it.”

"I think the show does a really good job of not minimizing the journey of what it means to be an adolescent," she continued. "We really honor their journeys.”

Washington added, “There's an extraordinary event that happens and it impacts people in various different ways and we get to step into their shoes through each of their perspectives.”

Check out the series here!