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Surprise! Colleen Ballinger Is Engaged & Pregnant

Colleen Ballinger/Instagram Story

“Miranda Sings” star Colleen Ballinger had some big news to share with fans this week.

The YouTube sensation just announced she’s engaged to Erik Stocklin… and she’s pregnant, too!

The pregnancy announcement came first, in an emotional online video that showed viewers the exact moment she found out she was expecting. Watch a tease of the video below, and the full video here!

Surprise! 🤰🏻 Link in my bio. 🙈

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Colleen, who is now 13 weeks along, went on to share her pregnancy journey and tiny baby bump.

Then, confessional style, she revealed that she and Erik aren’t just dating — they are actually engaged! Colleen said once they moved from friends to being a couple, “We very quickly realized ‘this is my person’… we knew we wanted to be married, we wanted to have a family together, we want to grow old together.”

Ballinger went on to share what her first trimester has been like, “I’ve been miserable… pregnancy ain’t no joke.”

She continued, “I’ve been so sick and so exhausted… There are so many symptoms I had no idea about.”

Colleen summed it up as “basically every single flu symptom you can think of.”

The comedian confirmed she will continue touring and posting videos and that her famous character Miranda will also be pregnant.

“I’ve thought long and hard about this situation and I have a really fun idea for it," she teased.