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Nikki Bella on John Cena Relationship: 'There's Such Deeper Problems'

Nikki Bella on John Cena Relationship: 'There's Such Deeper Problems'
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Analyzing an exclusive sneak peek of the midseason supertease for "Total Bellas," People magazine reports on some of the backstory behind Nikki Bella's shocking decision to call off her wedding to John Cena.

"I've been miserable," Nikki says in the clip, "and I've been trying to be happy. But I realized there's such deeper problems." She's talking to her twin sis Brie Bella and their mom Kathy at the time, struggling to explain why she was ending her six-year relationship with Cena.

In the same clip, Brie tells Nikki that Cena, in seeking a bigger career, "lost the woman of his dreams."

Though as the season unfolds it is revealed that Nikki called off the wedding and engagement, one surprising moment reveals they apparently got back together before calling off the wedding for good, with Nikki saying, "John and I might be calling off the wedding again."

Since filming, the wedding was canceled, but People has confirmed the two are together again, with Cena telling TMZ he wants to be a dad after all — which had reportedly been one of the sticking points that led to their breakup.

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