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Shia LaBeouf Is Unrecognizable on New Movie Set

Shia LaBeouf Is Unrecognizable on New Movie Set

Actor Shia LaBeouf looks like a different person on the set of his new film “Honey Boy.”

On Wednesday, LaBeouf was spotted with a balding cap, long hair extensions, and sideburns, channeling his father in the loosely autobiographical movie.

According to Variety, the film is based on LaBeouf’s life and his relationship with his dad over the course of a decade.

Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges has signed on to star as a younger version of Shia, while Noah Jupe will play him as a child.

In 2016, Shia opened up on his rough childhood, telling Variety, “We didn’t have nothing, so I would steal Pokémon video games and Tamagotchis.”

He added, “[My dad] gave me my first joint when I was probably 11 or 12.”

Shia LaBeouf with his father Jeffrey in 2010

It's unclear what Shia's relationship with his father is today.