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Lauren Sivan, Journalist and Harvey Weinstein Accuser, Speaks Out About His Arrest

Lauren Sivan, Journalist and Harvey Weinstein Accuser, Speaks Out About His Arrest

“Extra” spoke exclusively this morning with journalist Lauren Sivan and got her reaction to the news that Harvey Weinstein surrendered to authorities in New York City to face sex-assault charges against two women. Sivan was one of the first women to speak out against Weinstein last year, citing an incident in a restaurant 10 years ago during which he exposed himself and pleasured himself in front of her.

The NYPD told "Extra" in a statement, "Today, at the NYPD’s 1st Precinct, Harvey Weinstein was arrested, processed and charged with Rape, Criminal Sex Act, Sex Abuse and Sexual Misconduct for incidents involving two separate women. The NYPD thanks these brave survivors for their courage to come forward and seek justice. The arrest and ensuing charges are the result of a joint investigation between the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office."

Upon hearing that Weinstein had turned himself in, she said the news is, “Relief. Absolute relief, and joy, frankly, because since we found out about nearly 90 women have come forward to accuse him, I’ve gotten to know many of his victims. They chose to stay anonymous and did so because they still feared him, and they were waiting for him to go to jail. I have a feeling even more women will come forward now.”

Lauren continued, “He should be in jail. For what they are accusing him of, he should be in jail. This was not a one-time thing. This wasn’t a handful of women – this was 30 years of predatory behavior of destroying careers, destroying lives… he should absolutely pay for those. If it takes this one case to get him in jail, then so be it. I have a feeling there will be more charges against him.”

When asked about Weinstein’s early denial of the sexual assault accusations, Lauren said, “The reason I came out was when he issued the ‘apology’ to Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, who bravely were the first women to come out in the New York Times story. When he came out with that ‘apology,’ basically calling them liars, I said, ‘I know they are telling the truth. They are absolutely telling the truth,’ and that’s why I decided to speak up because I wanted to validate their stories.”

Lauren’s message for Harvey now? “Who would have thought this is what you’re going to be remembered for? Not for all of the Oscar-winning movies, not for all the money you made people, not for all the careers you launched, you’re going to be remembered as a sexual predator that went to jail, and lost everything.”

Since October, Weinstein has consistently denied the allegations.

Lauren currently hosts the Oxygen series “Abuse of Power” and says about the timely show, “’Abuse of Power’ really looks at abuse of power in every dimension… we look at local sheriffs in small communities… local lawyers…. upstanding doctors. What we see in this show is that even the smallest victim’s voices matter. It’s very timely.”