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‘Superman’ Actress Margot Kidder Dead at 69

‘Superman’ Actress Margot Kidder Dead at 69

Actress Margot Kidder has passed away at the age of 69.

TMZ reports that Kidder died Sunday at her Montana home. The cause of death is currently unknown.

Park County attorney Bruce Becker told the site that an unknown person called the police to report that Kidder was unconscious and not breathing. Officers arrived at the scene to find that she was already dead.

Kidder was acting up until her sudden death. Her film “Robber’s Roost” was in pre-production, and the final film she worked on was 2017’s “The Neighborhood.” Aside from playing Lois Lane in the "Superman" franchise, she also worked on Broadway, including in "The Vagina Monologues," a show she toured with for two years.


During her lifetime, Kidder battled bipolar disorder. In 2006, she told an audience at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association, “I've had 10 years now, this week actually, 10 years without a manic or depressive episode, which is for me such a miracle!"

An advocate for mental health, Kidder added, “We are all, each and every one of you in this place, are a breath away from mental illness, homelessness, all of these things we tend to so look down on. Give that woman a couple of bucks, give her a loonie, a toonie, and say something to her. We are all one human family and we really have to take care of each other.”

In 1996, Kidder had her own struggle with homelessness. At the time, a Glendale police sergeant said that she was “in obvious mental distress, adding, “At the time of her discovery, she was wearing disheveled, cast-off clothing and apparently cut off her own hair with a razor blade in an attempt to alter her appearance.”

Kidder is survived by her daughter.