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Tracy Morgan Says 'The Last O.G.' Is Where '30 Rock' Meets 'The Wire'

Actor Tracy Morgan isn’t taking life for granted after surviving a horrific car accident in 2014.

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In the new issue of emmy magazine, out March 20, Morgan opens up about his recovery and his new show with Jordan Peele and Tiffany Haddish, called “The Last O.G.”

As fans know, Tracy was left in a coma with a broken femur and several other injuries after a Walmart truck hit the limo in which he was riding. “People look at me every day like they’re looking at a ghost,” he revealed, adding that for a time he watched footage of the accident every day. “Watching this was part of my therapy.”

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Another part of his recovery was “Key & Peele.” Doctors suggested laughter as a way to battle his depression after the crash. His son introduced him to the sketch comedy show, and Morgan was hooked. In fact, he was such a fan he asked his agent to arrange a meeting with Peele.

Jordan gushed, “Tracy told me, ‘I watched every single ‘Key & Peele’ sketch, and that show saved my life.’ I just started crying right there. From then on, we were family.”

The duo went on to develop “The Last O.G.,” which premieres on TBS on April 3.

In a behind-the-scenes shoot with emmy magazine, Tracy describes it as “30 Rock” meets “The Wire.”

Tracy plays a guy who does 15 years in prison for selling crack, and when he gets out, everything is different and his world has been gentrified.

“This is about second chances, it is about redemption,” Morgan said. “I was given a second chance with my life, so I said I have to make this.”

He added, “You are going to see me in a different capacity, Tiffany Haddish in a different light, Cedric [the Entertainer] in a different light. It is drama.”

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The show is shooting on location in Brooklyn near where Morgan grew up. “We bring hope into these communities... if they see us standing there, they know that they could do it. The next Marlon Brando or James Earl Jones could be looking right at us.”

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