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Tori & Dean Celebrate Son's 1st Birthday

Tori & Dean Celebrate Son's 1st Birthday
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Tori & Dean with daughter Stella

The day after a troubling run-in with authorities, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott sounded blissful as they wished their son Beau a happy first birthday!

In an Instagram video, Beau is seen being tickled on a comfy sofa as Mama Tori asks, "Who's 1 today?" and Daddy Dean says, "Happy birthday, Tickles! Happy birthday, Spike!"

Immediately after Dean says "Spike," Beau seems to say it back to him.

It was a very different scene 24 hours earlier, when police officers responded to a 911 call and showed up to Tori and Dean's home Thursday. A source claimed that Tori became aggressive, and described her behavior as "a nervous breakdown."

The insider also revealed that Spelling called police on Wednesday, fearing a break-in was happening, but it was just her husband Dean McDermott arriving home.

According to the dispatch audio, obtained by The Blast, Spelling was described as a "female" with possible "mental illness."

Spelling has been MIA from social media since January. To fuel more rumors, Dean has not been posting about Tori either, but has shared pics of their children.

TMZ reported that police left the home after deciding Tori did not meet the criteria for a mental-welfare hold, and did not arrest her. A domestic violence incident report was taken.