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Jon Bon Jovi Reveals His Tour Must-Haves

Jon Bon Jovi Reveals His Tour Must-Haves

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Jon Bon Jovi to get the scoop on his new tour, This House Is Not for Sale.

It's a special time for Jon and his bandmates, who are celebrating 34 years together, and their upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As they prepare to set out on a 30-city tour around the U.S., Jon dished on his tour must-haves.

He insisted he has the least luggage of any of the band members, but admitted there are a few things he needs on the road. First, he has to have his favorite sneakers or he won’t “float the same” on stage. “I’ve worn the same sneakers for 15 years… I need my shoes.”

The rocker also has a special tea he drinks on tour, “If you ever sipped my tea, it ain’t tea. There are about 10 HALLS Mentho-Lyptuses in there that are dissolved. So I’m probably eating 20 HALLAS Mentho-Lyptus… during the course of the night that are melted into tea. So don’t drink my tea!”

Jon added that he used to bring a certain Frank Sinatra photo with him on every tour, but recently retired the picture.

Catch Bon Jovi in concert when his tour kicks off March 14. Visit BonJovi.com for tickets.