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Kim Kardashian Is Taking Some Serious Heat Over Latest Topless Photo

The mom shamers are coming for Kim Kardashian again.

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The reality star posted a topless photo of herself on Instagram… taken by 4-year-old daughter North West.

The photo features a reflection of Kim in the mirror as she holds onto an unclasped bra paired with spandex pants. Little North can be seen in the reflection as well, holding a flashing camera.

While some followers weren’t the least bit bothered by the photo, some criticized Kim.

Many agreed with this commenter, who insisted, “Moms change around their kids all the time y’all it’s not a big deal.”

Others were concerned, “why is your child taking pictures of you taking off your bra???? my mom and i are close but that's just weird.”

This user dropped a bit of sarcasm with, “What great parenting.”

One fan thought it sent the wrong message. They wrote, “I love Kim but imagine your mom told you to take a pic of her taking her bra off and she posted it I feel like it sends her the wrong message especially at her age.”