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James Corden on His Successful Grammys Hosting Gig, Plus: His Decision to Play Peter Rabbit

James Corden on His Successful Grammys Hosting Gig, Plus: His Decision to Play Peter Rabbit

Late-night personality James Corden is coming off a big week after hosting the Grammys!

“Extra’s” Mark Wright sat down with Corden as he gets ready to premiere his new film “Peter Rabbit.” He was more than happy with how the big show went on Sunday night, saying, “I very much enjoyed hosting the whole thing.”

Corden’s parents were happy as well, even performing bits during the show. He said, “The amount of people who were like, ‘Oh, I just met your mom and dad and they're great!’ I was like, ‘Yeah but how's the show going?’... Bono's like, ‘Your dad even played the sax.’ How is Bono talking to me about my dad? It's crazy!"

Earlier this week, James had a crazy-epic rap battle with Helen Mirren during the "Drop the Mic" segment of “The Late Late Show.” He shared, “Yeah, she destroyed me, as everybody does — I have never won.”

“She was incredible and what a great sport to do something like that,” he gushed.

In his new movie, Corden voices the main character Peter, but admitted he wasn’t sold on taking the part right off the bat. James explained, “In truth, when I got the phone call that they were making this film and would I voice this character of Peter Rabbit, I felt slightly nervous, a little restless about it, if I am honest, this because you know, more than anyone, how beloved this is in the UK, everyone grew up hearing these stories. Then I heard the script had been sent to the Beatrix Potter estate and it was the first script they okayed.”

His kids also had an impact on his decision to do the film. The 39-year-old elaborated, “Now when I take my son to school, other kids at school will say, like, in Max's class, they'll go, 'Oh, you're Peter Rabbit!' and I'm very conscious to say... 'No, no, no, I'm not — he just needed to borrow a voice for a little while… And it's just mine. I'm not him.'"

His son Max and daughter Carey have already seen the movie. He commented, “Yeah, they saw a rough animation and then they're going to see it tomorrow fully for the first time and they can't wait.”

When Mark pointed out they’ll want a rabbit now, James replied, “Well, there has been some discussion. This has come up in our house, but we just had a new baby so we feel there's enough on our plates right now before thinking about getting a rabbit.”

“Peter Rabbit” is in theaters Friday, February 9.