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Hoda Kotb on Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer & More Babies?

Hoda Kotb on Megyn Kelly, Matt Lauer & More Babies?

Hoda Kotb’s year is off to a great start after being named co-anchor of the “Today" show!

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray caught up with Hoda backstage at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she weighed in on Jane Fonda’s beef with her NBC colleague, Megyn Kelly.

The Hollywood legend and the host are clashing after Jane was unhappy with Megyn’s line of questioning about her plastic surgery when she was a guest on her show. The feud was reunited this week after Jane was asked about it at Sundance. Megyn addressed it on her show yesterday.

Kotb weighed in, saying, “You've got two powerful women who are having their own thing… I think they'll sort out their business.”

Hoda and Savannah Guthrie are a powerful morning news team. She explained, "When it happened, it didn't feel like... 'Okay, we have two women.' It was two people who clicked and it all happened to coincide during this moment in time where it worked."

Hoda took over the anchor seat after Matt Lauer’s exit over sexual harassment allegations, and she is still talking to Matt, sharing, “Yeah, I've spoken to him and he's really putting all the focus on his family and I am just… hoping everything works out the way it's supposed to be.”

Kotb is excited about her own family, having adopted baby girl Haley Joy with longtime boyfriend Joel Schiffman last year. While she “became a mom at 52,” she isn’t ruling out giving Haley a brother or sister! She explained, “I would say, 'Never say never.'” Tanika smiled, claiming, “That's a yes, people.” Hoda softened things with, “I don't know. We'll see.”

So what’s her answer about getting married again? Hoda answered, “I don't wake up and go, 'Ohhh, I wish…' I feel like everything is the way it should be. He's such a good man and such a good dad and such a good partner in life.”

“I don't know what life's gonna bring," Hoda added, "and I'm so happy with the way it is."