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Girl Power! 5 Ways Tiffany Haddish & Taylor Swift Slayed on 'SNL'

Girl Power! 5 Ways Tiffany Haddish & Taylor Swift Slayed on 'SNL'
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When Tiffany Haddish hosted "SNL" Saturday, she became the first black female comic to do so in the show's 42-year history.

Haddish was paired up with musical guest Taylor Swift, who was showing off new songs from her album "Reputation," which dropped Friday and is expected to sell over a million copies its first week.

Here's how they brought all the slay:

(1) Tiffany's Monologue Was Hilarious, and Nailed It on the Sexual Harassment Scandals

Haddish is a skilled stand-up, so her monologue came with high expectations. She scored by poking fun at her humble beginnings, the false impression that her success (and millions of nonexistent dollars!) came overnight, and by poking gentle fun at President Trump's "lace fronts."

She got her biggest reaction when summing up the disturbing sexual assault allegations coming out of Hollywood with one of her trademark Tiffany Tips, saying, "Listen, fellas, listen, okay? If you got your thang-thang out and she got all her clothes on, you're wrong! You're in the wrong!"

(2) Taylor's Snake-Coil Mic

During "...Ready for It?" — a rare choreography-driven number from Taylor — all eyes were on Taylor's too-cool mic, designed to look coiled around her wrist like a deadly serpent. It was fire!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 12.29.46 PM
Taylor Sss-wift!

Also interesting in this performance was the fact that Taylor was onstage with four female backup singers/dancers, adding to the episode's "Girls Trip" feel.

Watch and listen here!

(3) That Alexander McQueen Dress

Haddish made fun of herself for insisting on wearing whatever dresses she likes, even if that means — gasp! — repeating. She insisted that the stunning white Alexander McQueen she was rocking in her monologue was too expensive and flattering to retire after having worn it at the "Girls Trip" premiere.

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Yasss, McQueen!

"It's a $4,000 dress! I'ma wear this dress multiple times! Real talk? You might see this dress in two sketches tonight."

In fact, she did bring it out again, including for a brief show-off session during "Weekend Update":

(4) Taylor's Stripped-Down "Call It What You Want"

After a high-energy, R&B-fused "...Ready for It?" performance, Swift went old-school with this guitar-driven ditty.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 12.36.40 PM
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Taylor & Tiffany outside the "SNL" after-party

It was like the old Taylor really wasn't dead, and was able to come to the phone.

Watch and listen here!

(5) Tiff's Cat-Lady Transformation

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Paying tribute to Janet Jackson's iconic Rolling Stone cover from 1993

She spent the whole episode looking turned out in a variety of beautiful wigs and dresses, but Tiffany's best sketch had to be "Whiskers R We," in which she played a nerdy cat lady with a Salvation Army sweater, '70s hair and lesbian tendencies illustrated by a quick tribute to Janet Jackon's famous Rolling Stone cover.

Rolling Stone
The hands belonged to Jackson's then-husband, René Elizondo Jr.

The skit was hysterically funny as written, but it benefited from the unpredictability of Tiffany and co-star Kate McKinnon having to work with live cats. At the very beginning, two cats tried to make a break for it, leading Tiffany to grab them and ad-lib, "I got the pussy." Later, a hairless cat tried to take a bite out out of McKinnon's face, but the women recovered nicely from the claw-ful attempt: