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Michael Douglas Dishes on Becoming a Grandpa, Plus: His Date Night with Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas Dishes on Becoming a Grandpa, Plus: His Date Night with Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

Three generations of the Douglas family came out to support Catherine Zeta-Jones last night! Kirk and Anne Douglas, Michael and Catherine, and Michael’s son Cameron were all present at the Los Angeles Mission’s 7th Annual Legacy of Vision Gala.

Michael presented his wife with the Anne Douglas Award, named after his stepmother, 98, who has been married to his father, who turns 101 December 9, since 1954.

Catherine chatted with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh about the family night, saying, “It's going to be a really fun family night for us…Unfortunately, my kids are in school, they couldn't come down... but I have my nieces, my stepson, my brother, my brother-in-laws, and so it's a real family affair.”

It was also a date night, considering Michael, 73, has been working so much. She shared, “He's been working so hard on ['Ant-Man and the Wasp'] we've been like passing ships in the night.”

Along with his busy schedule, Michael is getting ready to become a grandfather, as his son Cameron and Cameron's girlfriend Viviane Thibes are expecting.

He dished, “I’m gonna be a grandfather in December, I’m excited… It’s a little girl, it’s gonna be great.”

Zeta-Jones, 48, won an Oscar for her performance in "Chicago," a project on which she worked with Harvey Weinstein. She told "Extra" she is supportive of those who have come forward will allegations against him, revealing, “I was never involved in any of that and I feel totally as a woman blessed. I don't want to gloat in that, because I know the hurt and the pain that so many women have gone through… and I think justice will be served in its best way, but I support each and every woman not even in our industry in every… in any industry, in politics, in the boardroom — it's enough already.”

Michael also weighed in on the scandals rocking Hollywood, commenting, “Women and other underage people have the courage to speak out, so the tipping point has gone over and it’s gonna continue and hopefully it will leak into other industries and other businesses will share that information, too.”

He added, “Harvey’s situation... I had no idea it was to that extent.”

Catherine is gearing up for her next project, a role unlike any she’s ever played before — the late, real-life drug lord known as the “Cocaine Godmother,” Griselda Blanco. Of her dramatic transformation for the role, she said, “It was one of the most liberating things I ever did as an actor.”