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Taylor Swift Decoded! The Best Theories About Her ‘Ready for It?’ Music Video

Check out the brand-new music video for Taylor Swift’s new single “Ready for It?”

In the video, directed by Joseph Kahn, Swift is seen showing off her figure in a barely-there bodysuit. For most of the video, Swift wears a hoodie and knee-high boots while playing a cyborg.

In typical Taylor style, the 27-year-old also include some hidden messages, which have many fans talking! At the beginning of the video, there is '89 and '91 graffiti on the wall, which many think is a reference to Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn's birth years.

“Joseph” is also seen in Chinese, but it is unknown if it is meant as a reference to the director or her boyfriend.

Many are also speculating that Swift references ex Calvin Harris with the use of lightning. The cover art for his single with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For,” on which he and Taylor collaborated, featured lightning.

“UR Gorgeous,” a reference to another song from her upcoming album “Reputation,” is also seen written on a wall, along with other phrases, like “I Love You in Secret,” "All Eyes On Us” and “This is Enough,” prompting many to think that they represent other song titles on the album.

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