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Why Dierks Bentley Won’t Stop Performing Live After Las Vegas Shooting

Why Dierks Bentley Won’t Stop Performing Live After Las Vegas Shooting

On Sunday, country music star Dierks Bentley was a part of a powerful red carpet for the premiere of the movie “Only the Brave," a film about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, who risked their lives to save a town from a historic wildfire in 2012.

Bentley's "Only the Light," which is in the film, takes a sobering look at the dangers firefighters face while combatting deadly wildfires. Many first responders were honored at the premiere.

Adding to the gravity of the occasion, Dierks told "Extra" he was still heartbroken over the horrific Las Vegas shooting.

While he hasn’t spoken to fellow country music star Jason Aldean since his moving performance on this week's “SNL," Bentley said they have texted following the tragedy in Las Vegas. Bentley said, “I texted with him and some of the guys who were there the day after the shooting."

He added, “Everyone’s pretty shook up about it. Nashville has got a little depressed situation, you know, just trying to take a pause, try to figure out how to feel right now… how to work through the grief.”

Bentley said the massacre, during which shooter Stephen Paddock killed 58 people before taking his own life, will not deter him from his shows. Dierks shared, “For me, the whole idea of being on the road, the live show, is to escape reality, to blow off steam. The fans go out there to lose their minds. Music matters.”

The singer also explained why being part of “Only the Brave” was personal for him, commenting, “I’m from Arizona, and we played a benefit concert for these 19 guys and their families a few months after this happened back in 2012.”